Frequently Asked Questions 


You can earn points in different ways with S-Loyalty Points! For more information, see The Rules of the Game. Here you can see which parts you can earn points for.



At the top right of this page you can see how many Points you have saved. Do you want a detailed overview of your saved Points? Then go to My points.



You can spend your points in our gift shop! You can save for the best experiences, the latest gadgets and much more!



At the top right of the webshop you can change your personal details under the profile icon. Click on My profile and change your personal information



Your credit is shown at the top right of the webshop. Do you want a detailed overview of your saved points? Then go to My points!




No, your saved points are personal.



After ordering one or more items, the order is normally delivered within 2 working days and e-vouchers within 1 day. If the item is out of stock and cannot be delivered within the specified time, you will be notified by e-mail by the Samsung Loyalty Points helpdesk.



Yes, you will receive a payment confirmation at the specified email address within a few minutes after placing your order.



If the product appears to be sold out, you will be informed and we will send a similar product with the same or better specifications. If you are not satisfied with the replacement item, you can of course return this item. If there is absolutely no similar product available in the same price range, you will receive a message that your chosen product is sold out and the points will be refunded to your account.



No, the points listed in the gift shop always include shipping costs.



If you receive the gift damaged or defective, you must contact the helpdesk within a maximum of 14 days on telephone number 010-2043055 or by email



Absolutely. All data is treated confidentially and is never visible to external parties. Data will never be made available to third parties.